Hosted Surveys

A survey solution designed for HR, Talent Management and OD professionals that combines our high-touch support in survey design and administration with your ability to generate online, real-time reports.

Use SurveyConnect Surveys to:

  • Deploy employee opinion surveys
  • Gather exit interview information
  • Surface in-house expertise
  • Collect quick employee feedback on current organizational issues
  • Understand feedback of company products and services
  • Collect talent management data


From project acceptance to implementation, four steps are all that’s needed:

  1. Survey Design — Design your own survey and submit it to SurveyConnect, or ask us to provide you with sample topics and questions to facilitate survey design.
  2. Onsite Text and Notifications — SurveyConnect sends sample text that will be uploaded to your survey site, including directions, email notifications and reminder text. You edit as needed and return to us.
  3. Configuration Meeting — We discuss configurable parameters that are available within the system that include needed security, required questions, response scale choices and access to reports. If you know what you need, we can implement your decision; if you need expert advice we can provide information for you to make the right decision for your project.
  4. Enter Survey Respondent Information — If survey respondents need to be pre-loaded into the system, SurveyConnect sends you a spreadsheet ready for your completion.

During the survey deployment, we can send notifications and reminders through the system. Your survey administrator is always able to track progress and completion rates 24/7.

Analysis and Reports

When the data has been collected, the Report Generation Module allows the survey administrator the ability to:

  • select from a comprehensive list of reports
  • filter the data by demographic questions
  • generate and save custom reports
  • save reports as PDF files
  • allow other stakeholders to generate reports (permission-driven)

No-cost training is provided to your administrator to learn to access the administrative sections of the system, track progress of the survey while it’s live, and design and generate reports.

Pricing Variables

The price for the implementation of your survey with ActiveView Surveys is based on the following sample drivers of cost:

Survey Design
  • How long will the survey be?
  • What types of scales will you use?
  • How many respondents will there be?
  • Will there be different questions for different demographic groups?
Survey Administration

Web surveys:

  • Who hosts the survey?
  • Who notifies respondents?
  • Who reminds respondents to reply (and how many times)?
  • Is there a need for pre-population of demographic data?
  • Is there a need for respondent security?

Hard copy surveys:

  • Who prints the surveys?
  • Who distributes the surveys?
  • Who collects the surveys?
  • Who completes the data entry of the surveys?
Survey Analysis and Reports
  • How extensive will the reports need to be?
  • How many demographic filters will be needed?
  • Does there need to be an Executive Summary written with conclusions and recommendations?

By using ActiveView Surveys, you have a tool which is an extremely powerful survey system that can collect data and output easy-to-generate reports — from simple output to multi-level analysis. We will show you how a survey implementation process can actually save you time and resources when it comes to implementing it the SurveyConnect way, with ActiveView Surveys.

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