Sample Question Library

Feel free to use this sample question library to help supplement an already-existing 360 degree feedback assessment, or to build an assessment from scratch. To build an assessment from scratch, go through this list and select 45-50 questions (a 45-50 question assessment allows raters to take the assessment in 10-12 minutes, while providing a depth of feedback that is useful and understandable to the participant). Then review your question set. Eliminate questions that are too similar, and make sure that your topics should be similar lengths.

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  • Is flexible in addressing anticipated and unanticipated obstacles
  • Able to function effectively even when things are chaotic or confusing
  • Effectively adjusts to situations that need rapid resolution
  • Is flexible in dealing with changing conditions
  • Manages multiple projects without a decrease in productivity or quality
  • Shows resilience in the face of constraints and frustrations


  • Accepts responsibility for mistakes
  • Acts fairly and does not play favorites
  • Brings conflicts and disagreements into the open and attempts to resolve them collaboratively
  • Is committed to continuous improvement of services
  • Maintains a sense of urgency, which is communicated to others
  • Persists in achieving goals despite obstacles and opposition
  • Remains positive even under difficult circumstances
  • Respects and values the unique backgrounds of others
  • Sets and performs to realistic goals
  • Consistently uses a positive approach in working with people, challenges, or problems

Change Management

  • Able to adjust to changing circumstances
  • Adjusts to changing work requirements
  • Copes with unclear lines of authority and ambiguous situations
  • Encourages others to put forward ideas and solutions
  • Encourages others to work together to achieve change
  • Involves those affected in plans to implement change
  • Remains productive when dealing with change
  • Successfully leads others through change
  • Successfully manages resistance to new ideas and initiatives
  • Takes responsibility for implementing change in own work area


  • Actively contributes as a team member to achieve results
  • Actively seeks the participation/input of others in work functions and projects
  • Builds appropriate alliances across organizational lines
  • Doesn’t take hard, non-negotiable positions
  • Encourages collaboration among team members
  • Establishes and maintains effective working relationships within the team
  • Fosters a climate of collaboration
  • Maintains smooth, effective working relationships
  • Proactively stimulates ideas and discussion, openly sharing all relevant information
  • Shares relevant data with members of cross-functional teams
  • When working with others, looks to add value
  • When working with others, regularly generates new ideas
  • Builds effective working relationships
  • Effectively addresses and resolves conflict
  • Works effectively as a member of informal teams or groups


  • Communicates clearly, concisely, and in an organized manner
  • Delivers presentations with composure and ease
  • Effectively shares the rationale behind decisions/conclusions
  • Encourages open and candid communications
  • Fosters open dialogue
  • Gears communication to the audience and uses the appropriate level of detail
  • Handles conflict effectively
  • Listens effectively
  • Listens well in a group
  • Makes clear and convincing presentations
  • Plans and conducts effective meetings
  • Seeks to understand others’ views and priorities
  • Sets objectives, time limit, and agenda for meetings

Customer Focus

  • Anticipates and addresses emerging customer needs
  • Clearly communicates customer needs/requirements
  • Demonstrates a customer service focus within the organization
  • Listens carefully to customers to determine their goals, needs, and expectations
  • Provides superior advice to customers
  • Readily readjusts priorities to respond to pressing and changing customer demands
  • Responds quickly to customer issues to ensure their satisfaction with outcomes
  • Seeks and incorporates feedback from other departments about the performance of his/her department
  • Uses knowledge and information about customer experience to improve service

Efficiency / Productivity

  • Achieves exceptional results without diminishing relationships
  • Adjusts to situations needing resolution rapidly and effectively
  • Follows through on assignments
  • Handles day-to-day work challenges confidently and routinely
  • Has a sense of urgency, which is communicated to and influences others
  • Has high-performance standards and expectations
  • Identifies and implements opportunities to save time, effort, and money
  • Knowledgeable in all areas of assigned job responsibilities


  • Challenge the organization to adapt new, innovative, cost-effective business processes
  • Creates an environment conducive to productive brainstorming and new idea creation
  • Fosters a work environment that encourages creative thinking and innovation
  • Generates innovative ideas and solutions to problems
  • Generates solutions that do not depend on business as usual experience and thinking
  • Encourages innovation
  • Is a creative thinker
  • Is open to new approaches and methods of doing things
  • Pursues new ways to approach issues and solve problems
  • Questions assumptions and traditions while understanding their reason for existing
  • Seeks out and is open to innovative ways to achieve results


  • Accepts responsibility for his/her mistakes
  • Builds organizations based on integrity and ethical sensitivity
  • Consistently treats others with respect
  • Creates trust through honest and consistent behaviors
  • Demonstrates respect for all individuals
  • Fosters an atmosphere of mutual trust and confidence
  • Gives praise and credit to others where due
  • Is open, honest and inclusive
  • Keeps commitments
  • Keeps sensitive and personal information confidential
  • Models a work ethic of achievement and excellence
  • Respectful of gender and cultural differences
  • Shows consistency in principles, values and behavior
  • Treats others fairly and ethically


  • Effectively communicates a shared vision of the future
  • Clearly conveys objectives, deadlines and expectations
  • Connects organizational values to the work of the team
  • Demonstrates strong industry, business and technical knowledge
  • Develops appropriate objectives and strategies to advance the organization’s mission
  • Develops plans that balance long term goals with immediate needs
  • Encourages others to challenge the status quo
  • Establishes and communicates organizational values consistent with the vision
  • Gives credit to others for their achievements
  • Influences others to translate the organization’s vision into action
  • Insists on excellence
  • Leads by example, personally demonstrating the behavior expected of all
  • Supervises projects to a degree appropriate for each project

Managing People

  • Provides recognition
  • Recognizes others’ efforts and progress
  • Balances staff workloads effectively
  • Actively promotes working together as a team
  • Allows employees enough leeway to make decisions themselves in their area of responsibility
  • Appropriately delegates tasks, authority and responsibility
  • Demonstrates a basic understanding of people management; leading, directing, coaching, feedback and discipline
  • Encourages and supports staff in developing their skills
  • Encourages employees to ask for challenging assignments and opportunities for development
  • Gives timely, specific feedback and effective coaching
  • Helps individuals to solve their own problems rather than solving them for them
  • Nurtures an environment that is diverse and inclusive
  • Provides appropriate recognition of staff contributions
  • Provides challenging assignments and opportunities for development
  • Provides feedback and coaching that is specific and timely
  • Recognizes and fosters the strengths of his or her employees
  • Recruits and selects qualified and effective team members
  • Rewards and recognizes people for good performance
  • Supports his or her team even in difficult situations
  • Supports the decisions and actions of subordinates

Problem Solving / Decision Making

  • Applies knowledge, skills and experience in ways that result in effective decisions
  • Brings together information from relevant sources when making a decision
  • Considers a broad range of issues or factors in making decisions
  • Demonstrates creativity in problem solving
  • Generates solutions to problems that do not depend on “business as usual” experience and thinking
  • Makes decisions under uncertain conditions
  • Makes effective and timely decisions based on good data, good judgment and experience
  • Makes effective decisions in a timely manner
  • Moves decision making close to the level where the work is done
  • Seeks input and information from others when appropriate
  • Seeks to gain a thorough understanding of problems by effective questioning and probing
  • Sees the complexities of and relationships among problems or issues
  • Understands the short- and long-term implications of decisions

Results Driven

  • Clarifies expectations and holds people accountable for getting results
  • Consistently produces quality results
  • Drives for results and success
  • Focuses on and drives results and success
  • Produces high volumes of meaningful results in an efficient and timely manner
  • Pursues aggressive goals and works hard to achieve them
  • Works with a sense of urgency and deliberate speed to accomplish quality results

Self Leadership

  • Accepts responsibility for own mistakes
  • Actively requests feedback for personal improvement
  • Eagerly pursues new knowledge, skills, and methods
  • Is open, flexible and prepared to learn
  • Knows own strengths and limitations
  • Manages his/her own emotions appropriately
  • Shows empathy in dealing with others
  • Solicits feedback to improve performance

Open Ends

  • What do you value most about working with this person?
  • What would make this person more effective in their job?

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