360-Degree Example Template

Below is an example template for a 360-degree feedback survey. It includes 8 competencies with 5 questions each, which the rater will rate on a 1-5 scale from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree (typically with an option for “not observable”).

Questions in this template are designed to be simple, clear, and distinct. Note, also, that there are only 2 open questions at the end. We recommend structuring it this way to prevent rater fatigue.


  • Is flexible in dealing with changing conditions
  • Manages multiple projects without a decrease in productivity or quality
  • Able to adjust to changing circumstances
  • Encourages others to work together to achieve change
  • Is open to new approaches and methods of doing things


  • Shows resilience in the face of constraints and frustrations
  • Brings conflicts and disagreements into the open and attempts to resolve them collaboratively
  • Maintains and sense of urgency, which is communicated to others
  • Pursues aggressive goals and works hard to achieve them
  • Remains positive even under difficult circumstances


  • Actively contributes as a team member to achieve results
  • Builds appropriate alliances across organizational lines
  • Fosters a climate of collaboration
  • Maintains smooth, effective working relationships
  • Proactively stimulates ideas and discussion, openly sharing all relevant information


  • Communicates clearly, concisely and in an organized manner
  • Encourages open and candid communications
  • Gears communication to the audience and uses the appropriate level of detail
  • Plans and conducts effective meetings
  • Seeks to understand others views and priorities


  • Consistently treats others with respect
  • Gives praise and credit to others where due
  • Keeps sensitive and personal information confidential
  • Respectful of gender and cultural differences
  • Shows consistency in principles, values and behavior


  • Clearly conveys objectives, deadlines and expectations
  • Demonstrates strong industry, business and technical knowledge
  • Develops appropriate objectives and strategies to advance the organization’s mission
  • Encourages others to challenge the status quo
  • Insists on excellence

People Management

  • Appropriately delegates tasks, authority and responsibility
  • Gives timely, specific feedback and effective coaching
  • Provides challenging assignments and opportunities for development
  • Rewards and recognizes people for good performance
  • Supports the decisions and actions of subordinates

Problem Solving / Decision Making

  • Challenges current thinking to foster innovation
  • Considers a broad range of issues or factors in making decisions
  • Demonstrates creativity in problem solving
  • Makes effective decisions in a timely manner
  • Moves decision making close to the level where the work is done

Open Ends

  • What do you value most about working with this person?
  • What would make this person more effective in their job?

To view more sample questions used to fill out this template, see our Sample Question Library.