360 Assessment Template Example


  • Is flexible in dealing with changing conditions
  • Manages multiple projects without a decrease in productivity or quality
  • Able to adjust to changing circumstances
  • Encourages others to work together to achieve change
  • Is open to new approaches and methods of doing things


  • Shows resilience in the face of constraints and frustrations
  • Brings conflicts and disagreements into the open and attempts to resolve them collaboratively
  • Maintains and sense of urgency, which is communicated to others
  • Pursues aggressive goals and works hard to achieve them
  • Remains positive even under difficult circumstances


  • Actively contributes as a team member to achieve results
  • Builds appropriate alliances across organizational lines
  • Fosters a climate of collaboration
  • Maintains smooth, effective working relationships
  • Proactively stimulates ideas and discussion, openly sharing all relevant information


  • Communicates clearly, concisely and in an organized manner
  • Encourages open and candid communications
  • Gears communication to the audience and uses the appropriate level of detail
  • Plans and conducts effective meetings
  • Seeks to understand others views and priorities


  • Consistently treats others with respect
  • Gives praise and credit to others where due
  • Keeps sensitive and personal information confidential
  • Respectful of gender and cultural differences
  • Shows consistency in principles, values and behavior


  • Clearly conveys objectives, deadlines and expectations
  • Demonstrates strong industry, business and technical knowledge
  • Develops appropriate objectives and strategies to advance the organization’s mission
  • Encourages others to challenge the status quo
  • Insists on excellence

People Management

  • Appropriately delegates tasks, authority and responsibility
  • Gives timely, specific feedback and effective coaching
  • Provides challenging assignments and opportunities for development
  • Rewards and recognizes people for good performance
  • Supports the decisions and actions of subordinates

Problem Solving / Decision Making

  • Challenges current thinking to foster innovation
  • Considers a broad range of issues or factors in making decisions
  • Demonstrates creativity in problem solving
  • Makes effective decisions in a timely manner
  • Moves decision making close to the level where the work is done

Open Ends

  • What do you value most about working with this person?
  • What would make this person more effective in their job?

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