360 Assessment Examples

Most clients have an idea of what they want to cover in a 360 degree assessment, but don’t have questions written. Below we have an example of one of our sample question libraries (with about 160 sample questions), an already-completed assessment, and a tutorial with more specifics on designing your assessment.

How to Design a 360 Assessment

Sample Question Library

Completed Assessment Template

ActiveView 360 Individual Report Examples

In the ActiveView system, after all assessments have been submitted, 360 degree feedback reports are available online. We have a modular system for individual reports, whereby the report administrator selects 6 – 8 modules of a report from a group of approximately 20 report sections (more can be selected if requested). The ActiveView system will link these 6 – 8 sections into one report, and the assessment administrator can create a PDF of that report.

Mean Scores by Competency by Relationship

Unfavorable, Neutral, Favorable by Competency

Mean Scores by Question by Competency

Top Five, Bottom Five

Gap Scores by Question

Open Ended

ActiveView 360 Aggregate Report Examples

Demographic and total population roll-up reports for the participants in the deployment are also available.

Mean Scores by Competency by Relationship

Mean Scores by Question by Relationship

Gap Report

ActiveView 360 Degree Assessments

The ActiveView 360 system is a fully-automated, configurable feedback tool for 360 degree assessments. Flexible Set-Up and Design, Straightforward Administration and Balanced, Actionable Reports. Easy…

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ActiveView 360 Process Demo

Here is a fun 360 degree process demo, showing you the steps involved in a feedback assessment process. It will take…

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