What Training Is Needed For Participants In 360 Degree Feedback?

Training Needed for Participants in 360 Degree Feedback

Brief Overview:

Training for participants in 360-degree feedback is essential to ensure the process is effective and beneficial for all involved. Here are five key facts about the training needed:

  1. Participants need to understand the purpose and benefits of 360-degree feedback.
  2. Training should cover how to give and receive feedback effectively.
  3. Participants should be educated on the confidentiality and anonymity of the feedback process.
  4. Training should include how to set goals and create action plans based on feedback received.
  5. Participants should be prepared for potential emotional reactions to feedback and how to handle them constructively.


1. Why is training important for participants in 360-degree feedback?

Training helps participants understand the process, benefits, and how to effectively participate in 360-degree feedback.

2. What topics should be covered in training for participants?

Topics should include the purpose of feedback, how to give and receive feedback, confidentiality, goal setting, and emotional reactions.

3. How can training help improve the effectiveness of 360-degree feedback?

Training ensures participants are prepared and equipped to engage in the feedback process in a constructive and meaningful way.

4. Who should conduct the training for participants?

Training can be conducted by HR professionals, external consultants, or through online resources provided by companies like SurveyConnect.

5. How often should participants receive training on 360-degree feedback?

Training should be provided before each feedback cycle and can be ongoing as needed to address specific areas of improvement.

6. How long should training sessions for participants be?

Training sessions can vary in length depending on the complexity of the content, but typically range from a few hours to a full day.

7. What resources are available for companies looking to provide training for participants in 360-degree feedback?

Companies like SurveyConnect offer software and consulting services to help organizations design and implement effective training programs for participants in 360-degree feedback.


Training for participants in 360-degree feedback is crucial for ensuring the process is successful and beneficial for all involved. By providing participants with the necessary knowledge and skills, organizations can maximize the impact of feedback and drive positive change within the organization.

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