How Can Organizational Development Help In Conflict Resolution?

Organizational Development and Conflict Resolution

Brief Overview:

Organizational development can play a crucial role in conflict resolution within a company. Here are five ways in which it can help:

  1. Identifying root causes of conflicts through surveys and assessments
  2. Implementing communication strategies to improve dialogue among team members
  3. Developing conflict resolution training programs for employees
  4. Creating a culture of openness and transparency within the organization
  5. Providing ongoing support and guidance to resolve conflicts effectively

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How can organizational development help in resolving conflicts?

Organizational development can help by identifying the root causes of conflicts and implementing strategies to address them effectively.

2. What role does communication play in conflict resolution?

Effective communication is essential in resolving conflicts as it helps in improving dialogue and understanding among team members.

3. How can conflict resolution training programs benefit employees?

Conflict resolution training programs can provide employees with the necessary skills and tools to manage conflicts in a constructive manner.

4. Why is creating a culture of openness important in conflict resolution?

A culture of openness encourages employees to express their concerns and opinions, leading to better conflict resolution outcomes.

5. How can ongoing support help in resolving conflicts within an organization?

Ongoing support from organizational development professionals can provide guidance and assistance to employees in resolving conflicts effectively.

6. What are some common barriers to conflict resolution in organizations?

Common barriers include lack of communication, unresolved issues, power struggles, and personality clashes among team members.

7. How can organizational development strategies be tailored to address specific conflicts within a company?

Organizational development professionals can conduct assessments, surveys, and interviews to understand the unique dynamics of conflicts and develop targeted strategies for resolution.


Organizational development can be a valuable tool in conflict resolution by identifying root causes, improving communication, providing training programs, fostering a culture of openness, and offering ongoing support to employees.

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