How Can Multisource Feedback Be Customized For Different Roles?

Customizing Multisource Feedback for Different Roles

Brief Overview

Multisource feedback, also known as 360-degree feedback, can be customized for different roles within an organization to gather specific insights and feedback from various perspectives. Here are 5 ways to customize multisource feedback for different roles:

  1. Identify specific competencies: Tailor the feedback questions to align with the key competencies required for each role.
  2. Select appropriate raters: Choose raters who are familiar with the responsibilities and expectations of the role being assessed.
  3. Adjust rating scales: Customize the rating scales to reflect the performance expectations for each role.
  4. Include role-specific feedback: Allow raters to provide comments and feedback that are relevant to the specific role being assessed.
  5. Provide targeted development plans: Use the feedback to create personalized development plans that address the unique needs of each role.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can multisource feedback be customized for executive roles?

For executive roles, it is important to include feedback from board members, key stakeholders, and other senior leaders who can provide insights into strategic decision-making, leadership effectiveness, and vision setting.

2. What about customizing multisource feedback for front-line employees?

For front-line employees, feedback can be gathered from supervisors, peers, and direct reports to assess communication skills, teamwork, customer service, and job-specific competencies.

3. Can multisource feedback be tailored for sales roles?

Yes, feedback for sales roles can focus on sales performance, customer relationship management, negotiation skills, and goal achievement, with input from customers, sales managers, and colleagues.

4. How can multisource feedback be customized for technical roles?

For technical roles, feedback can be gathered from project team members, subject matter experts, and supervisors to assess problem-solving abilities, technical expertise, innovation, and collaboration.

5. Is it possible to customize multisource feedback for remote or virtual roles?

Yes, feedback for remote or virtual roles can be collected from virtual team members, supervisors, and stakeholders to evaluate communication skills, self-motivation, collaboration, and productivity in a virtual environment.

6. What are the benefits of customizing multisource feedback for different roles?

Customizing multisource feedback for different roles allows organizations to gather targeted feedback that is relevant to each role, identify specific development needs, and create tailored development plans to support individual growth and performance improvement.

7. How can SurveyConnect help in customizing multisource feedback for different roles?

SurveyConnect offers customizable survey templates, expert consulting services, and advanced reporting tools to help organizations design and implement multisource feedback assessments that are tailored to the unique needs and requirements of different roles within the organization.


Customizing multisource feedback for different roles is essential for gathering relevant and actionable feedback that can support individual development and performance improvement. By tailoring feedback questions, selecting appropriate raters, adjusting rating scales, including role-specific feedback, and providing targeted development plans, organizations can ensure that multisource feedback is meaningful and impactful for all employees.

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