How Can Managers Give Feedback To Underperforming Employees?

How Can Managers Give Feedback To Underperforming Employees?

Brief Overview

Managers can give feedback to underperforming employees by following these key steps:

  1. Be specific about the performance issues
  2. Provide examples of the behavior or work that needs improvement
  3. Offer constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement
  4. Set clear expectations and goals for improvement
  5. Follow up regularly to monitor progress and provide ongoing feedback


1. Why is it important for managers to give feedback to underperforming employees?

Providing feedback helps employees understand where they need to improve and gives them the opportunity to make necessary changes to meet expectations.

2. How should managers approach giving feedback to underperforming employees?

Managers should approach feedback conversations with empathy, focusing on the behavior or work performance rather than personal characteristics.

3. What should managers do if an employee becomes defensive during a feedback conversation?

Managers should listen to the employee’s concerns and try to understand their perspective before addressing any defensive behavior.

4. How can managers ensure that feedback is received positively by underperforming employees?

Managers can ensure feedback is received positively by providing specific examples, offering constructive criticism, and focusing on solutions for improvement.

5. How can managers follow up on feedback given to underperforming employees?

Managers can follow up by scheduling regular check-ins, setting clear goals for improvement, and providing ongoing support and guidance.

6. What should managers do if an employee’s performance does not improve despite feedback and support?

Managers may need to explore additional training or resources, consider reassigning responsibilities, or in some cases, initiate a performance improvement plan.

7. How can managers ensure that feedback conversations are documented appropriately?

Managers should keep detailed notes of feedback conversations, including specific examples, agreed-upon goals, and any follow-up actions taken.


Managers play a crucial role in providing feedback to underperforming employees in a constructive and supportive manner. By following best practices and maintaining open communication, managers can help employees improve their performance and contribute effectively to the organization.

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