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Why choose SurveyConnect for your surveys?

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Comprehensive survey deployment

Deploy a variety of surveys tailored to your specific needs, including employee opinion surveys, exit interviews, and quick feedback on organizational issues. Our platform ensures your surveys are effectively managed and optimized for maximum participation and insightful results.

Simplified administration

Streamline your survey process with our intuitive online platform. From design to deployment, our system handles everything, allowing you to focus on analyzing the results and making data-driven decisions.

Streamlined administration
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Actionable reporting

Generate detailed reports that provide meaningful insights into your organization or project. Customize your reports with demographic filters, save them as PDFs, and share them with stakeholders to drive informed actions.

Key features

Tailored survey solutions

  • Deploy employee opinion surveys
  • Collect quick feedback on org issues
  • Gather exit interview information
  • Collect talent management data

Streamlined administration

  • Manage survey design and config
  • Track survey progress in real-time
  • Automate reminders to respondents
  • Get expert help when you need it

Insightful reports

  • Comprehensive reporting options
  • Filter data by demographics
  • Generate and save custom reports
  • Control stakeholder access

Pricing Variables

The cost of implementing your survey with SurveyConnect is based on several factors:

Survey Design

  • Length and complexity of the survey
  • Types of response scales
  • Number of respondents
  • Demographic-specific questions

Survey Administration

  • Hosting, notifications, and reminders
  • Pre-population of demographic data
  • Security needs

Survey Analysis and Reports

  • Extensiveness of reports
  • Number of demographic filters
  • Need for an executive summary with conclusions and recommendations
Pricing variables

By choosing SurveyConnect for your custom surveys, you gain access to a powerful survey system that simplifies data collection and report generation, saving you time and resources. Experience the SurveyConnect way and transform how you implement and analyze surveys.

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“We’ve worked with SurveyConnect for over eight years. They listened to what we needed and guided our team in customizing a multi-rater that was perfect for our leadership team.”

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Dr. Steve Firmand

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of surveys can I deploy with SurveyConnect?

With SurveyConnect, you can deploy a wide range of custom surveys, including employee opinion surveys, exit interviews, quick feedback on organizational issues, feedback on company products and services, pulse surveys, and talent management surveys.

How does the survey design process work?

You can design your own survey and submit it to SurveyConnect, or we can provide you with sample topics and questions to facilitate the design. Our team is available to support you throughout the design process to ensure your survey meets your specific needs.

Can I customize the survey interface and notifications?

Yes, you can customize the survey interface with your branding and edit the sample text for directions, email notifications, and reminders to ensure consistency with your organizational communication style.

What kind of support does SurveyConnect offer during survey deployment?

You can generate various reports, including custom reports filtered by demographic questions, and save them as PDFs. Our permission-driven system also allows other stakeholders to generate reports, ensuring that everyone has access to the insights they need.

What types of reports can I generate from the collected survey data?

The system employs robust security measures, including password protection and data encryption, to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all feedback data.

How secure is the data collected through SurveyConnect’s survey system?

SurveyConnect employs robust security measures to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of your survey data. This includes password protection, data encryption, and configurable security parameters to meet your specific requirements.

What factors influence the pricing of SurveyConnect’s custom surveys?

The pricing is based on several factors, including the length and complexity of the survey, the number of respondents, the types of response scales used, and the extent of the reports needed.