Meet the Consulting Team

Our team are experts in 360-degree feedback assessments and surveys. Two decades of experience in the field has taught us the optimal, best-outcome methods to the setup, deployment, and reporting of feedback assessments.

We’re excited to share this wealth of experience with you and to ensure that each and every survey you deploy is a success.

  • Custom Survey Design
  • Survey Web Hosting
  • Online, Real-time Results Reporting
  • Executive Summary Creation
  • 360-Degree Feedback De-briefing
  • Employee Opinion Surveys
  • Exit Interview Surveys
  • Customer Feedback Surveys

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Marcie Levine | Chief Executive Officer

B.A. in HR from the University of Kansas and M.B.A. from the University of Colorado.

Prior to starting SurveyConnect Marcie had more than twelve-years of experience in human resources, both as a consultant and in several corporate positions. As a human resources consultant, she worked on a variety of client assignments, including the design and implementation of surveys. It was the cumbersome nature of survey administration and analysis that caused her to search for a technological solution, and led to the subsequent founding of SurveyConnect.

SurveyConnect provides 360 degree feedback assessment technology and services to the Human Resource, Training, and Organizational Development markets. With her background in HR, Marcie has a firm grasp of organizational-level issues. She sees stories in numbers and can help people and organizations understand the themes and messages inherent in their 360 feedback reports. She can help determine what value people bring to their jobs and organizations, and how they can be more effective in their roles. This diagnosis is where she excels.

Marcie also leads the SurveyConnect team in complicated projects where SurveyConnect is builds customized 360 feedback data collection and analysis tools. Designing and implementing these 360 projects can be complex, and customer needs change often during the project process. Her focus is to exceed customer expectations while keeping projects on time and within budget.

She has published articles about the 360 feedback and survey process in trade magazines including the International Society for Performance Improvement, Selling Power, T+D Magazine, and Quirk’s Marketing Research Review.

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Gilbert Carino | Chief Information Technology Officer

Gilbert has a background in Biochemistry and Physics from the University of Colorado Boulder and has received training in Web Development, and Information Technology and Security Systems.

Prior to SurveyConnect, at University of Colorado’s Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, Gilbert worked with Researchers and Scientists. Initially involved with administrative tasks, Gilbert’s drive and tenacity allowed him to collect and analyze complex data, develop and support technical solutions, and support research initiatives.

When he started at SurveyConnect, Gilbert worked closely with clients. He assisted with the development of SurveyConnect’s updated website, technical project management, technical support, programming, and data analysis.

Recently taking over as Chief Information Technology Officer, he coordinates and leads the programming team in the development of new customer-facing technologies. He also provides direction for the procurement and integration of advanced IT solutions and sets policies and procedures for their use.

Always working hard to exceed the expectations of his team, he enjoys tackling complex issues, looking for ways to improve technologies to meet and exceed industry standards, and implementing custom solutions for clients.

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Freya Jackson | Lead Project Manager

Bachelor of Arts in Film Studies from the University of Colorado. Further education in management, computer science, graphics, and history.

Freya is a Lead Project Manager at SurveyConnect. She creates, deploys, and manages 360 feedback assessments on the ActiveView platform.

Freya’s versatility comes from a wide range of experiences prior to joining SurveyConnect. At the Environmental Services Network, she was responsible for network/server administration and security, software and applications training, and maintenance of websites. At Platts (a division of The McGraw-Hill Companies), she was the Manager of Web Production and Client-Side Development. In that position, she was responsible for the creation of HTML templates, graphics, and client-side scripting for new and existing websites.

Freya enjoys the opportunity for a diverse workday including both technical and creative aspects as well as having a client interface role. She makes customer service and satisfaction her primary driver and prides herself on accommodating client requests.