Effective Surveys – Administration

By Marcie Levine

Several weeks ago I started ‘talking’ about simple steps that anyone can do to deploy an effective survey.  In the last few blogs I’ve talked about:

  • Determining the Objective(s)
  • Obtaining Commitment
  • Determining the Deployment Method for the Survey
  • Identifying the Survey Respondents
  • Survey Construction


Now it’s time to administer the survey…

Administer the Survey

Survey administration includes issues such as confidentiality and anonymity, timing, and notifications.

Confidentiality and anonymity are of utmost importance. You need to ensure an open and honest approach to these issues so that the integrity of the survey does not become compromised.  So, should you be able to connect survey respondents to their survey responses?  Whereas the premise of most internal employee-based surveys is anonymity, it is sometimes expected from a customer service survey that the sender collects some individualized identifiable information.

For all target audiences, there are good times and bad times to give surveys. For example, don’t plan to administer a survey during the last week of the quarter crunch if you want to reach sales executives.

If possible, tell the respondent group about the survey in advance. You have this chance to encourage survey respondents to complete the survey if they know why the survey is being conducted, how the information gathered will be used, and when and how the survey will be administered. Use memos, e-mail, meeting announcements or a combination of these methods to facilitate this key communication process.

In order to keep the survey on a reasonable schedule, you will usually want to specify and end date. Check the survey responses during the time that the survey is open. If necessary, communicate reminders to the survey participants to make sure that you get a reasonable response rate in the amount of time that you have specified.

Next time, Analysis and Reporting…

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About the author

Marcie Levine

Marcie Levine

Prior to founding SurveyConnect, Marcie had more than twelve-years of experience in HR, both as a consultant and in several corporate positions. As an HR consultant, she worked on a variety of client assignments, including the design and implementation of surveys. She created SurveyConnect to streamline and simplify the process of survey creation and administration. Marcie has published articles about 360 feedback process in trade magazines, including the International Society for Performance Improvement, Selling Power, T+D Magazine, and Quirk’s Marketing Research Review.