For HR Consultants

While we work directly with many in-house customers on their 360 degree assessments, we also work with many consulting organizations on their 360 degree assessment projects.  If 360 assessments are a primary offering, we can provide the technology to deploy your projects; if 360 degree assessments are an add-on to your primary offerings, we can support your project with helpful information and support along the way.


  • set up a 360 site with your branding, your assessments, and your email notifications and site text.
  • provide you with 24/7 administrative access to your site to monitor progress on live deployments.
  • allow you to select from our report modules to customize your individual reports.
  • include a de-brief training session for you or your coaching team if requested.
  • can provide custom solutions to more complex deployments if needed.

The way our pricing works, there is a one-time set-up fee, and then per-participant fees, with volume discounts over time.  The one-time set-up fee is for you (as our customer); if you have multiple clients that need a 360 deployment, you do not have to pay the set-up fee for each client.  You also obtain the volume discounts over all of your clients, not per client.

Let SurveyConnect team up with your organization to provide you and your clients with the latest 360 assessment technology and support!