Tesla and “Performance Reviews”

The titles of articles in the press this weekend included:

Tesla Fires Hundreds of Workers After Their Annual Performance Review* 

Tesla fires hundreds of employees after ‘performance reviews’**

Tesla tells hundreds of its employees they’re not good enough to work there***

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Steps Towards an Effective Survey (Part I)

Over the course of the past several years, I have received many requests to complete an online survey.  Sometimes these surveys are designed well, with questions that only ask for feedback on one idea, skip logic that makes sense, and the ability to not respond to a question that I cannot answer.  However, what I have also seen are poorly designed surveys that are far too long, have programmed logic that is poorly designed, and don’t let me know what will happen with the collected data.  I sometimes wonder how the creators of these surveys make good decisions based upon the results of surveys like these.

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