Guest Blog: Working from Home

Blue Moon Digital employees (100 personnel) have been working from home since March 16th. We are in our 16th week with all of us working remotely and we have learned so much.

Fortunately, as a Digital Consultancy, we had the technology infrastructure already in place to work from home. Everyone took their multiple monitors home and set up their home office environment. While we had started to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom in 2019, they immediately became our primary channels for communication. Our clients went through the exact same transition and Zoom video calls became the default. That has actually brought us closer to our clients. We are based out of Denver, Colorado and most of our clients are on the East Coast and West Coast. On average, we are saving $40,000 a month in travel expenses and with video calls we have proven that we can close new business without having to get on a plane.

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Telecommuting Success

Flexible options that support the work/life balance are increasingly being implemented in many organizations to attract and retain high-performing employees.  Workplaces increasingly use agile solutions that offer employees flexibility in aspects of work like adjustable schedules, unlimited paid time off, and the ability to transfer down. In fact, almost one third of employees consider flexibility the most important factor when considering job offers. (1)

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360 Degree Assessments and the Rise of Continuous Feedback

The debate about the best way to give employees actionable feedback has grown more interesting as technology develops at an increasingly rapid rate.   We believe that using a continuous feedback application as an adjunct to 360 degree assessments like our ActiveView 360 system is a great way for feedback to become a process, and not just an annual (or semi-annual) event.

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