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For HR Consultants

  • Marcie Levine
  • 6/22/2011 12:00:00 AM

While we work directly with many in-house customers on their 360 degree assessments, we also work with many consulting organizations on their 360 degree assessment projects.  If 360 assessments are a primary offering, we can provide the technology to deploy your projects; if 360 degree assessments are an add-on to your primary offerings, we can support your project with helpful information and support along the way. Continue Reading...

Meeting Management

  • Marcie Levine
  • 9/30/2020 12:00:00 AM

Before SurveyConnect, I was an HR Director at an organization, a member of the general management team. We would have regular team and project meetings. People would arrive late and multi-task during the meeting. Some meetings had agendas, others did not. Some meetings went late (sometimes because they started late and sometimes because there was no agenda). I remember sitting in these meetings (pre-zoom), figuring out the rate/minute that the meeting was costing (being in HR, I knew what everyone in the room earned) and it was a lot of wasted money! Continue Reading...

ActiveView 360 Degree Assessments

The ActiveView 360 system is a fully-automated, configurable feedback tool for 360 degree assessments. Flexible Set-Up and Design, Straightforward Administration and Balanced, Actionable Reports. Easy...

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ActiveView 360 Process Demo

360 Degree Process Demo Here is a fun 360 degree process demo, showing you the steps involved in a feedback assessment process. It will take...

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Request an ActiveView 360 Quote

Need more information regarding your 360° feedback needs and how we can help? Please complete the form describing some of the details of your 360...

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