ActiveView Exit

By Marcie Levine

We want to let you know about a new tool we have created based upon our already-existing technology!

We have modified our ActiveView Express online survey tool to work as a simple, flexible and powerful exit interview survey tool called ActiveView Exit.

ActiveView Exit is a hosted exit interview survey solution designed for Human Resource professionals that combines our high-touch support in survey design and set-up with customer-controlled administration, and online reporting.

One-Time Set-Up Process

From project acceptance to implementation, these steps are all that’s needed:

Survey Design — Design your own survey and submit it to SurveyConnect, or ask us to provide you with sample topics and questions to facilitate survey design.

Online Text and Notifications — SurveyConnect sends sample text that will be uploaded to your survey site, including directions, email notifications and reminder text. You edit as needed and return to us.

Configuration Meeting — We discuss configurable parameters that are available within the system that include needed security, required questions, response scale choices and access to reports. If you know what you need, we can implement your decision; if you need expert advice we can provide information for you to make the ‘right’ decision for your project.


  • Survey administrator(s) can enter terminating employees
  • Automated notifications are distributed to the terminating employees
  • Survey Administrator(s) can track progress (who has and has not completed their survey)
  • Reminders can be easily sent through the system


Reports are easy to generate within the system, and can be segmented by individuals, demographic groups and the total population.  Reports can be saved to PDF, Excel and Word.

Are your HR representatives geographically dispersed?  The ActiveView Exit system allows you to set up the HR reps to enter the terminating employees, send notifications and generate reports for only those terminating employees in their geographic regions.  At the same time, a central super-user will be able to see all the activity for the entire organization.

No-cost training is provided to your administrator(s) to learn to access the administrative sections of the system, track progress of the survey while it’s live, and design and generate reports.

For a demonstration of the ActiveView Exit system and/or pricing information, please call us at (800) 945-0040 or +1-303-449-2969.

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About the author

Marcie Levine

Marcie Levine

Prior to founding SurveyConnect, Marcie had more than twelve-years of experience in HR, both as a consultant and in several corporate positions. As an HR consultant, she worked on a variety of client assignments, including the design and implementation of surveys. She created SurveyConnect to streamline and simplify the process of survey creation and administration. Marcie has published articles about 360 feedback process in trade magazines, including the International Society for Performance Improvement, Selling Power, T+D Magazine, and Quirk’s Marketing Research Review.