360 Degree Assessments and the Rise of Continuous Feedback

The debate about the best way to give employees actionable feedback has grown more interesting as technology develops at an increasingly rapid rate.

At SurveyConnect, we believe that using a continuous feedback application as an adjunct to 360 degree assessments like our ActiveView 360 system is a great way for feedback to become a process and not just an annual (or semi-annual) event.

Overview of 360 degree assessments

360-degree assessments are typically comprised of a series of questions that are rolled up into competencies (sometimes called topics). 

These competencies and questions are developed based upon the behaviors, skill-sets and values that are regarded highly in the organization; the organization believes that people who are highly effective at these competencies will move the company forward towards excellence. 

Employees are provided feedback from their manager, peers, direct reports and others, and can create action plans based on this holistic approach.

Overview of continuous feedback applications

Continuous feedback applications

Continuous Feedback apps include a variety of tools that allow employees to check in on their performance, sometimes even on a daily basis.

All employees have ready access to these apps through their work mobile devices. The tools include messaging (sometimes anonymous), constructive criticism and praise, and daily ratings of individual competencies. 

One CEO stated that “The way a company can implement [these apps] is really flexible… It can support the traditional performance review, it can support a 360-degree review, it can support manager reviews, upward and peer reviews.”1

We at SurveyConnect believe that these different types of feedback complement each other.

360 degree assessments can offer long-term guidance and measure sustained changes in work performance, while continuous feedback apps offer check points for employees to better track progress in action plans that were determined in the 360-degree process.

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1. Employee Feedback Apps on the rise | Greg Wright


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