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Meeting Management

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 9/30/2020

Before SurveyConnect, I was an HR Director at an organization, a member of the general management team. We would have regular team and project meetings. People would arrive late and multi-task during the meeting. Some meetings had agendas, others did not. Some meetings went late (sometimes because they started late and sometimes because there was no agenda). I remember sitting in these meetings (pre-zoom), figuring out the rate/minute that the meeting was costing (being in HR, I knew what everyone in the room earned) and it was a lot of wasted money! Continue Reading...

Guest Blog: Working from Home

  • By: Cindy Brown
  • Published: 7/7/2020

Blue Moon Digital employees (100 personnel) have been working from home since March 16th. We are in our 16th week with all of us working remotely and we have learned so much.

Fortunately, as a Digital Consultancy, we had the technology infrastructure already in place to work from home. Everyone took their multiple monitors home and set up their home office environment. While we had started to use Microsoft Teams and Zoom in 2019, they immediately became our primary channels for communication. Our clients went through the exact same transition and Zoom video calls became the default. That has actually brought us closer to our clients. We are based out of Denver, Colorado and most of our clients are on the East Coast and West Coast. On average, we are saving $40,000 a month in travel expenses and with video calls we have proven that we can close new business without having to get on a plane.

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Working From Home - What Employees Have To Say

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 6/8/2020

Over the past 45 days, we have been collecting information from employees who are currently working from home due to the coronavirus and COVID-19. We asked several scaled questions from a ‘before working from home’ and ‘now that you are working from home’ perspective.

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Reviewing a Draft 360 Assessment

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 11/2/2018

When clients send me draft 360 assessments for review/edits, I initially look at five key elements.

First, I look at many competencies there are, and how many questions per competency?  I want there to be a similar number of questions per competency (e.g., 3 – 5 or 4 – 6 questions per competency), and I want there to be no more than around 55 questions in the entire assessment.  Backing in to this number, you can have 8 competencies with around 6 questions each, 10 competencies with around 5 questions each, 12 competencies with around 4 questions each.  Sometimes you may have to move questions from one competency to another to get this weighting.  For example, a question around conflict resolution may be placed in the Communication, Collaboration or Leadership competencies. Continue Reading...

How Do I Select a 360 Degree Feedback Vendor?

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 9/6/2018

Given the large increase in the number and types of companies that will help you deploy a 360 assessment, how should you select the right company for you?

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360 Feedback Programs in Organizations 2018

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 8/15/2018

Each year SurveyConnect collects and reports out on data that we hope is useful to our clients and friends. In 2018, as in previous years, we decided to focus our questions on the 360 process – how many employees are asked to participate and why, as well as what happens with the data once it is collected. In this way, we can understand the objectives and uses of the 360-degree feedback process at this point in time, and see how answers have changed over past years.  80 people responded to the questionnaire this year; 34% of these respondents are external consultants and 66% are in-house employees.

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Tesla and "Performance Reviews"

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 10/17/2017

The titles of articles in the press this weekend included:

Tesla Fires Hundreds of Workers After Their Annual Performance Review* 

Tesla fires hundreds of employees after ‘performance reviews’**

Tesla tells hundreds of its employees they're not good enough to work there***

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