About ActiveView 360

A fully-automated, configurable feedback tool for 360 degree assessments. Flexible Set-Up and Design, Straightforward Administration and Balanced, Actionable Reports. Easy interface and process.

About ActiveView 360

ActiveView 360 is a fully-automated, configurable feedback tool for 360 degree assessments designed with HR, Talent Management and OD professionals in mind.

  • Use your own employee feedback assessment or have use create one to suit your needs
  • Use your branding or ours
  • Password-protected system ensures data integrity and security
  • 360 degree feedback system assessment administrators can manage multiple employee assessments
  • Real-time progress reports

ActiveView 360 Features

Flexible Set-Up and Design
Our team supports provides expert counsel to ensure that project objectives are met. Advice on the number of questions, internal communication process, and how to select raters is all part of our support process. Question libraries are also available if needed.

  • Use your own feedback assessment content
  • Use SurveyConnect’s database of questions
  • Brand the site with your logo
  • Modify system settings

Straightforward Administration
ActiveView 360 minimizes time-consuming administrative tasks, allows for various types of email notifications that are project-specific, and shows multiple status reports to the assessment administrator.

  • Manage multiple deployments at once
  • Real-time progress reports
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Technology works on mobile devices


Balanced, Actionable Reports
Assessment administrators can select specific report modules for a personalized individual report. Report module titles and introductions can be easily modified. Demographic and roll-up reports allow for group profiles to add another level of understanding.

  • Select specific modules for personalized individual reports
  • Group roll-up reports also available
  • Reports can be saved as PDF or Word documents
  • Report de-brief documentation available
  • Report choices include mean scores by competencies and questions, gap report, response breakouts and open-ended comments


ActiveView 360 for HR Consultants

ActiveView 360: the perfect tool for Consultants!

While we work directly with many in-house customers on their 360 degree assessments, we also work with many consulting organizations on their 360 degree assessment projects. If 360 assessments are a primary offering, we can provide the technology to deploy your projects; if 360 degree assessments are an add-on to your primary offerings, we can support your project with helpful information and support along the way.

  • We set up a 360 site with your branding, your assessments, and your email notifications and site text.
  • We provide you with 24/7 administrative access to your site to monitor progress on live deployments.
  • We allow you to select from our report modules to customize your individual reports.
  • We include a de-brief training session for you or your coaching team if requested.
  • We can provide custom solutions to more complex deployments if needed.

The way our pricing works, there is a one-time set-up fee, and then per-participant fees, with volume discounts over time. The one-time set-up fee is for you (as our customer); if you have multiple clients that need a 360 deployment, you do not have to pay the set-up fee for each client. You also obtain the volume discounts over all of your clients, not per client.

Let SurveyConnect team up with your organization to provide you and your clients with the latest 360 assessment technology and support!

The ActiveView 360 Process

Once you’ve selected SurveyConnect to help with your 360 leadership assessment, this is the process we use to go from idea to implementation:

The ActiveView 360 Process

  • You design the 360 degree assessment, and send the content to SurveyConnect. We can supply you with many sample questions and competencies if requested.
  • SurveyConnect sends you default introductory text and email notifications text — you review, edit and return it back to us.
  • We discuss configurable parameters on the site (e.g., do you want the questions required, what labels would you like for your relationships, what scale do you want to use for the assessment).
  • All participants and raters in the 360 feedback process are generally determined ahead of time. You provide SurveyConnect with a list of names, email addresses and relationships for both the participants and raters, and SurveyConnect will input the data. Alternatively, you can send SurveyConnect the list of participants to be rated, and the participants will be able to enter their raters online.
  • You proof the site.
  • The site is ready to go live!


About 360 Assessments

What exactly is 360 degree feedback assessment?

A 360 degree (or multi-rater) assessment allows for feedback to be given to a participant (person being rated) by many of the people who work with that person, organized by the relationship of the raters. Done correctly, the process allows the anonymity for raters to provide relevant, honest, professional feedback.

Over the past decade, the 360 degree performance appraisal process has evolved in many ways. Our organization is finding that medium and small businesses are participating in this type of 360 degree assessment on a regular basis. We find that companies use these leadership assessments for executive level coaching, leadership development, talent management, leadership assessment, employee evaluations and peer reviews. As organizations flatten, with more emphasis on teams, they become more conducive to collecting performance feedback from a variety of sources.

Our highly configurable, ActiveView online 360 degree feedback application allows you to use your content or ours. Contact us to start your 360 degree performance feedback process today.

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