Enhance your team’s growth with our comprehensive 360-degree feedback system

Our platform makes the process seamless, from setup to actionable insights, ensuring your team receives well-rounded and constructive results.

SurveyConnect ActiveView 360 Dashboard

Why choose SurveyConnect for 360-degree feedback?

Add sample questions to survey

Tailored feedback surveys

Create surveys that match your organization’s unique needs. Use your content or leverage our extensive question libraries. Customize the branding to ensure consistency with your corporate identity.

Simplified administration

Say goodbye to tedious administrative tasks. Our intuitive interface allows you to manage multiple assessments simultaneously, with real-time progress tracking and customizable email notifications.

Streamlined administration
SurveyConnect PDF reports

Actionable insights

Generate detailed reports that provide meaningful insights. Choose from various report modules, customize content, and save reports as PDFs or Word documents. Group roll-up reports and demographic analyses offer deeper understanding of team dynamics.

Key features

Flexible setup and design

  • Expert guidance to meet project goals
  • Customizable question libraries
  • Branded survey interface
  • Adjustable system settings

Streamlined administration

  • Manage multiple projects
  • Real-time status updates
  • User-friendly and intuitive
  • Accessible on mobile devices

Comprehensive reporting

  • Customizable report modules
  • Group and individual insights
  • Exportable reports in PDF or Word
  • Detailed debrief documentation

Perfect for consultants

Whether you’re a seasoned consultant or expanding your service offerings, SurveyConnect provides the technology and support to deliver exceptional 360-degree feedback assessments. Enjoy features like:

  • Custom branded sites
  • 24/7 administrative access
  • Tailored report modules
  • Training sessions for you or your coaching team
  • Scalable pricing with volume discounts
Perfect for consultants

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“IntraHealth International is really big on service excellence, and we have received nothing but the best service from SurveyConnect. Their responsiveness, flexibility and delivering results in a very timely manner is outstanding.

Their survey approach is very easy to understand, and our employees have found the questions and format very intuitive and in depth. The reports are well laid out and easy to understand and follow. That simplicity with great detail has made administering our 360 assessment for our Leadership Program very successful.

We value the partnership we have built with SurveyConnect and would recommend it to any organization intending to leverage these tools and resources for employee development.”

Peter Kariuki
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Peter Kariuki

Learning and Development Practitioner for IntraHealth International

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 360-degree feedback system?

A 360-degree feedback system is a comprehensive evaluation tool that gathers feedback from various sources, including peers, subordinates, supervisors, and self-assessments, to provide a well-rounded view of an individual’s performance.

How does the 360-degree feedback process work?

The process involves selecting raters, distributing surveys, collecting responses, and generating detailed reports. Participants and raters are chosen based on their working relationship with the individual being assessed, ensuring diverse and balanced feedback.

What are the benefits of using a 360-degree feedback system?

Our system, known as ActiveView 360, offers a holistic view of performance, identifies strengths and areas for improvement, supports personal and professional development, and enhances team collaboration and communication.

Can we customize the 360-degree feedback surveys?

Yes, you can fully customize the surveys to match your organization’s needs. You can use your own content, incorporate questions from our extensive library, and brand the survey interface with your logo and colors.

How secure is the data in the 360-degree feedback system?

The system employs robust security measures, including password protection and data encryption, to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of all feedback data.

What types of reports can be generated from the feedback?

The system provides various customizable reports, including individual reports with specific modules, group roll-up reports, mean scores by competencies, gap analysis, response breakouts, and open-ended comments. Reports can be exported as PDFs or Word documents.

How can administrators manage the 360-degree feedback process?

Administrators have access to an intuitive interface that allows them to manage multiple assessments simultaneously, track progress in real-time, and send automated, project-specific email notifications to participants and raters.