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Reading List: More Leadership

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 12/14/2011

As another installment to our reading list, below is information on eleven books on Leadership that were submitted by our colleagues.  Please note that we tried to assign ownership to the description/review wherever possible. Continue Reading...

Effective Surveys – After Analysis

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 12/6/2011

A while ago I started ‘talking’ about simple steps that anyone can do to deploy an effective survey.  In past blogs I’ve talked about: Continue Reading...

Book Review: Optimizing Talent

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 11/15/2011

Optimizing Talent
Authors: Linda D. Sharkey PhD and Paul H. Eccher PhD

Optimizing Talent is an inventive and in-depth guide for companies to align business strategies with improving and managing talent.  Sharkey and Eccher’s extensive experience and research with various Fortune 500 companies teaches business leaders how to develop a plan of action to optimize talent.  The authors provide insightful tools and resources for any company who is seeking to pragmatically take action and attain results. Continue Reading...

Effective Surveys – Administration

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 10/5/2011

Several weeks ago I started ‘talking’ about simple steps that anyone can do to deploy an effective survey.  In the last few blogs I’ve talked about: Continue Reading...

SurveyConnect Normative 360 Feedback Competency Analysis

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 9/9/2011

Customers occasionally ask for normative data for their 360 degree feedback deployments.  They want to see how the responses provided for their leaders compare to leaders in other organizations.  Is there consistency between their leaders and leaders in other organizations?  This analysis can be one step towards understanding their leaders’ strengths and opportunities in a competitive marketplace. Continue Reading...

How many questions should a 360 assessment have?

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 8/24/2011

Clients sometimes ask for input in designing a 360 assessment.  Two of their favorite questions are:

  • How many questions should an assessment have?
  • How many of those questions should be open-ended? Continue Reading...

Book Review: Rebooting Leadership

  • By: Marcie Levine
  • Published: 8/18/2011

SurveyConnect has great customers, and some of those customers have written books on management and leadership.  Over the coming months we will be reviewing these books, and sharing thoughts with our community. Continue Reading...

ActiveView 360 Degree Assessments

The ActiveView 360 system is a fully-automated, configurable feedback tool for 360 degree assessments. Flexible Set-Up and Design, Straightforward Administration and Balanced, Actionable Reports. Easy...

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ActiveView 360 Process Demo

360 Degree Process Demo Here is a fun 360 degree process demo, showing you the steps involved in a feedback assessment process. It will take...

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