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The Change in 360 Feedback Content

By: Marcie Levine
Published: 2/1/2016

We help many of our clients with the design of their 360-degree instruments. Over the past few years, I’ve seen a big shift in what clients believe to be the most important competencies to ask about.

360 Degree Feedback Changes for Success

In the past, the list of competencies usually covered:

• Communication
• Decision-Making
• Efficiency/Productivity
• Leadership
• Managing Change
• Problem-Solving
• Results Driven
• Supervision

What I see now is a new reality in organizations. In addition to the ‘regular’ competencies such as Communication, Decision—Making, Leadership and Results Driven, clients are asking for questions around:

• Agility
• Approach
• Collaboration
• Innovation
• Integrity
• People Management

The focus is now more equally on the ‘what gets done’ and the ‘how it gets done’. This shift has happened in both small and large companies, for-profit and non-profit organizations, and is not industry-specific.

The ability to modify a 360 instrument over time is important as it allows feedback to be gathered around different competencies as an organization shifts the way they do business. The 360 process should always reflect the reality ‘on the ground’ of an organization (and who it aspires to be). In this way companies can align their strategies and programs to inform employees about the importance of certain behaviors as well as ensure organizational focus and efficiency.

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